Adopting & Buying

Buying or adopting a puppy is one of the most exciting things you can ever do. Our blog aims to cover everything you know to help you make the right choice; after all, there is a lot to consider.

The UK’s Most Expensive & Popular Dog Breeds

If there’s one thing for sure, we’re a nation of dog lovers, with not even the rising cost of living […]

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9 Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool In A Heatwave

Heatstroke in dogs can happen quickly and is very dangerous. Help avoid the risk by keeping your dog cool in hot weather and swapping out regular walks […]

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Buying A Puppy

Before adopting or buying a puppy, you must choose the right dog for your family and lifestyle. After all, as we all know by now, a puppy is for life. 

Once you’ve taken the plunge, our Behaviour & Training Puppy Guides will even provide practical tips to help welcome your puppy to its new forever home. 

Finally, don’t forget to get puppy insurance. We all know that puppies are keen adventurers and full of energy. Purchasing pet insurance for puppies can help to protect your precious new addition to the family should accidental injury or illness strike.