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Lifetime Pet Insurance Cover

Lifetime pet insurance

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( based on a moggie, aged 1 year, in Truro on Elite )
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Lifetime pet insurance

Owning a pet is an experience that can truly enrich your life. Whether you’ve chosen to bring a loyal dog or a playful kitten into your home, it won’t take long before your new arrival starts to feel like a member of the family.

Of course, as well as the company, cuddles and comfort your furry friend can give, being a pet parent comes with a lot of responsibility – it’s a lifetime commitment after all. Your pet will look to you for all its basic needs such as food, exercise and general health and well-being. This is why ensuring that you’ve secured the right pet insurance plan is a matter of importance, and we believe lifetime pet insurance is the best option if you’re looking for long term, comprehensive cover to protect your pet throughout his or her lifetime.

The problem is that many insurance policies are full of jargon, and difficult to understand. At Perfect Pet Insurance we try our best to deliver information in plain and simple English, so that you can get the cover that’s most suitable for your needs, that way you can rest easy, knowing that you and your pet are covered should any unfortunate incidents occur.

WOW! 10%* Multi-Pet Discount Terms apply*

Lifetime pet insurance explained

No matter how well you take care of your pet, nobody can predict when an accident or illness might occur. Vet fees can run into hundreds of pounds, and no pet owner wants to find themselves in the heart-breaking position of financially struggling to provide their pet with the treatment it needs. This is where Lifetime pet cover comes in.

One of four main types of pet insurance, Lifetime pet cover is the most popular in the market. Lifetime policies insure your pet for illnesses and injuries up to a certain amount each year, although the plan must be in place before an incident occurs. You will have the option to renew the policy each year, at which point the full amount of cover would again become available.

Lifetime pet insurance does just want it says on the tin – helps you keep your pet protected for the whole of its life whilst your pet remains on cover.  Explore our website and get a lifetime quote for your pet today!