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Kitten Insurance

There aren’t many things cuter than a kitten, and bringing home an adorable ball of fluff to call your very own is a special, heart-warming moment that you’ll never forget. Whether your kitten is set to rule the roost as your one and only flatmate or become an extended member of a family of four, from the moment you bring yours home, this tiny creature becomes your responsibility. That’s why it’s essential to buy a robust kitten insurance plan to ensure you’re both covered against a range of eventualities.

As well as ensuring your new friend is fed properly and has toys to play with, an owner is also responsible for their kitten’s health. Even if your beloved pet is going to live as a housecat, safe from road traffic and other cats in the neighbourhood, illnesses and injuries can and do happen – particularly when your kitten is young and still experimenting with their environment and capabilities. A suitable kitten pet insurance plan will ensure that if an accident does occur, you won’t have to deal with financial worries during an already stressful and emotional time.

WOW! 10%* Multi-Pet Discount Terms apply*

Pet Insurance for kittens

It might seem as though signing up to kitten insurance adds yet another cost to the household bills, but vet’s fees can run up into hundreds of pounds. At Perfect Pet Insurance, we aim to provide clear and simple cat insurance policies for a selection of budgets so you can pick the right plan for your situation with the minimum of fuss. You can even choose to take out multi pet insurance if you have more than one cat in your care, which can be extremely cost effective. In fact, we offer a discount when you insure more than one pet and this includes cats, kittens, dogs and puppies too.

We strive to offer the best kitten insurance quotes for your pet with plans that not only cover pricey vet fees but also help with advertising and rewards costs if your beloved kitty goes missing. They also cover you for cancelled holidays as a result of your kitten needing emergency medical care.

Browse our easy-to-navigate website to get pet insurance quotes today so that you can get back to more interesting activities, such as sharing a few cuddles with the new addition to your family.