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Dogs In Hot Cars: What To Do If You Find A Dog Left In A Hot Car

24-07-19 | Dog Discussion

With the temperatures rising there is a real threat of dogs and other animals being left for prolonged periods in hot cars. Many people believe that leaving the window cracked will help their dog to stay cool, the truth but this is not true. If you leave your dog unattended in a vehicle during hot weather are you committing a crime? If you find a dog left unattended would you know what to do?

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6 Summer Foods That Your Dog Should Not Eat

17-07-19 | Dog Discussion

What foods should my dog avoid during the summer months? While we all enjoy cooling down with ice cream during the summer months, you definitely shouldn’t give your dog the same sort of treat! Read on to discover more about the six summer foods your dog should not eat.

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Why Does My Cat Scratch Things?

12-03-19 | Cat Chatter

Cat Behaviourist Clare Hemington sheds some light on why cats scratch furniture and other objects

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Ten Tips To Keep Your Cat Content

07-07-17 | Cat Chatter

We might not know it by looking at the faces of our enigmatic feline companions, but life can be pretty stressful for them. In fact they spend their lives evaluating possible threats that might be lurking around every corner!

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Moving House With Your Cat

07-07-17 | Cat Chatter

We all know how stressful moving can be for us humans, but it can also be a time of enormous anxiety for our pets...

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